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>> greta: 11:00 is almost time, almost here, time for last call. it's an opportunity basketball fans hope for. the chance to make a half court shot and win lots of money. one fan got a big chance what. he did stunned the crowd. >> shoot fr a thousand dollars, let me hear you scream! oh! oh, my. oh, my. i have -- i have -- . >> i think that was a -- good enough. it did win the fan a thousand dollars, thank you for being
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with us tonight. we have an open thread. many topics to talk b good night from washington. take it from lance armstrong, sometimes it's supposed to mean something! >> i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, andrea tantaros. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: you can't make this stuff up. file this under the heading how low can they go? check out president obama pictureed here getting briefed by joe biden on the gun law recommendations and guess what we learned just hours ago? jay carney told us president obama we use kids, kids as a backdrop tomorrow, when he announces his recommendations for stricter gun laws. my man rush limbaugh in a way only rush can communicate. >> obama uses kids as human shields. who supposedly wrote letters to the white house, after newtown, bring them up there
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to present a picture of support among the children. they have the little kids there. they don't want to die. in faux crying ] how can you not listen to the them? >> eric: really? kids? is there no level to which the left will stoop to impose their will? i have important questions to ask. first, reaction from our liberal. how low can they go? >> kimberly: very low. >> bob: that is a great imitation of children and he has had a lot of experience. >> kimberly: what? >> bob: women, just what i said. let it sit. there you will understand. it wasn't supposedly letters, they were letters that kids wrote. kids were freaked out about newtown. perfectly legitimate thing to do. you may not like it but suburban mothers and fathers will like it. >> eric: using kids, i'm just shocked they are using
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kids. >> kimberly: it goes hand in hand with the arrogance of power. he will do whatever it takes to win the public appeal message to get his message across to get his will. it's not about the will of the people but what he thinks is best for the rest of the country. children are part and parcel of it. a way to communicate a message. every time you see a child likebe that, expressing concern and fear. it will tug at your heart. maybe he is doing the right thing. the method by which he is doing it. >> bob: poll after poll shows people favor gun control overwhelmingly so. >> dana: break down -- >> kimberly: it depends what pool you look at. >> eric: stay on the issue. does this take a peek in character of the administration when they cast children for a presser? >> dana: if you went to previous president in history -- bob, what are you doing? that's inappropriate. wish the camera guy caught that. >> kimberly: i wish you were
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busted on that. >> dana: you should apologize now. >> bob: i was sucking my thumb. >> dana: thought of, of course, using the kids. what is unfortunate to me, president obama could have had a major bipartisan achievement had he wanted to try to get one. a press event a and people will support it and say it's reasonable. people on the left think it's not good enough. people on the right think it's going too far. there will be people in the middle going we should try it, because maybe it will work. the thing is i actually think what they are going to do is not going to work. >> eric: a lot of poom i talk to, twitter and facebook say look at the kids. he will use them and tug at the heart string of america. what about the kids? the kids will be baddaled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.
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>> andrea: that is not important if we raise taxes on rich to talk about gun control. does it always have to be a dog-and-pony show? he used kids for the stimulus. now he is using kids again. it's just always a gimmick. never about the real policies. p.r. and how it looks. i will say this, i work for a republican memberbe. who had press conbe france using children once. the flak we took for it was incredible. >> dana: not worth it. >> andrea: there are not a lot of republicans that would do it since it happened. they remember it well. but there are two set of rules, bob. one for the democrats and one for republicans. >> dana: it's like saying well, we care for children and you don't. >> bob: obama is the first person to use people as backdrop for the press? give me a break. you could be bipartisan if the
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republicans come forward for gun control. >> eric: again you want to get to gun control discussion. stay on this for a few more minutes. really, using kids. >> bob: really, using kids. >> eric: using kids who are family, surrounding the victims of the newtown, connecticut. using tragedy for change. >> bob: do you know that barack obama called every one of the families that lost kids in the massacre and talked to them for a minimum of 45 minutes? give them credit. >> eric: he is using children who allegedly written this -- >> bob: children getting massacred. what is the problem? >> bob: let me see if we defend this. go to newtown, connecticut. >> kimberly: is it healthy and appropriate to use children as political pawns? >> eric: it's perfectly healthy and -- >> bob: this is perfectly healthy and the right thing to do.
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>> dana: are kids that are victims of the drug war, are they part of the press conference? >> eric: chicago murders up. they represented hundreds more of those killed fightinger if rornist afghanistan. this is chicago where they have the toughest, the toughest gun laws in the country. >> andrea: deal with the problem in chicago. do you know what he announced today he would be doing? divesting. pension funds in illinois. >> bob: good. >> greg: >> really, bob? that is denying public employee pension retirement. that is profitable for them with the political posturing. >> bob: the best of the guys with the weapons of mass destruction, get rid of them. >> eric: where have are the
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weapons of mass destruction -- >> bob: they produced the assault weapons. >> kimberly: what are you talking about weapons of mass destruction? >> eric: there were more people filled with furtherrizeer in sad oklahoma city -- >> bob: let's not forget whatever else was murdered because of -- >> eric: not going there. let's talk about rand paul. he is fired up about recommendations coming out tomorrow. listen. >> i am against having having a monarch is what we fought the american revolution over. someone who wants to bypass the constitution bypass congress wants to act like a king and a monarch. we will fight tooth and nail. i promise there is no rock left unturned trying to stop him from usurping the constitution. >> eric: president obama said there were 19 laws, he used executive order to get around, you know, going
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through the congress to pass administratively, not legislatively. to promote the gun control laws, opinions. >> andrea: in fairness, we don't know what all 19 will be. some could be duplicative. create a national data base for gun deaths. another would give funding for research on guns. just potentially waste money. some of the other things he could do, like deem who is appropriate to get a gun and who is not, he could expand that definition. ban other weapons. something he can't do. new york state acted last night. the senate acted. and now therapists if they believe that somebody poses remotely a threat in front of them, they have to report it. to the state, secretary of state of new york. crazy! >> eric: let me give you education in washington. every one of the 19, are about
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the existing law. under the existing law. tightening them up. these are passed the congress. this is not like he is creating 19 new laws. >> eric: no. but he can, he can make, he can impose his will on gun law. through the executive order. >> bob: laws through the congress. >> eric: he can charge terrorist to import bullets from any other country. >> bob:be fine. he could increase regulation to get gun permit -- >> eric: this is what he really should do. makebe the fines already on the books federal offenses. >> bob: rand paul is taking after his daddy. perfect. anything he does tomorrow is going to have to be around existing laws passed. understand that. >> eric: true or not true. >> bob: of course it's true. not necessarily true. >> kimberly: he is not bound
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by that. that is not accurate. there may be duplicative laws. he is making modification. there are new laws that aren'tbe on the books. >> bob: he can't make a law. he can't just make a law. >> eric: make a regulation. >> dana: or tell the justice department i'm not satisfied under the administration under the first term the gun prosecutions are down 40% since the bush administration. it want to fix that. the one thing that the supreme court has done twice in five years is reaffirm an individual's right to own a gun. second amendment is alive and well. that is settled by the court. i imagine that the obama white house had their lawyers look carefully and some could be challenged. they probably will be able to pass muster and get flak for
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it. bad p.r. from some people. a lot of these things will be ineffective. >> bob: let's wait to see what they are. >> andrea: a lot of bad p.r. hard for anyone questioning what he does tomorrow to criticize. >> bob: there you go. >> andrea: how can you be against this? >> bob: another good reason. it's all theater. >> kimberly: children are politically expedient. this is based on his greater political philosophy. >> eric: ahead, could lance armstrong doping lies be the biggest sport scandal of all time? that debate plus news on the interview with oprah when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: >> dana: nothing better than bob beckel chair dancing. we'll talk about lance armstrong who admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. he sat down with oprah winfrey. it airs tomorrow. she previewed that this morning. >> i would say he did not come clean in the manner that i expected. it was surprising to me. surprising to me. for myself, the team, all of us in the room were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers. >> dana: the confession is 180 for the man for year challenged anyone who questioned his integrity. >> sick and tired of the allegation and we'll do everything we can to fight them rate. they untrue. >> skeptics, i'm sorry for you and i'm sorry you don't
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believe in miracles. >> that was on my death bed. do you think i'd come back and say give me everything you've got, i want to go fast. no way. >> dana: everybodybe is talking about it. bob, you read about it today. were you surprised about what you read? >> bob: shocked. i didn't realize he threatened somebody in the hospital, another woman was threatened destroying the reputation. got another one in a restaurant and said your life is over. then the international cycling union, group that oversees this thing apparently there was a $500,000 pay off for them to a swiss bank account so they wouldn't talk about a drug test. he has the guts to stand up and say yes, he raised money for cancer. i appreciate that. i'm not so sure he is not doing that to cover up the coverup. >> dana: great question. i want to ask was livestrong, which was that everyone loves the organization. i remember tony snow had that
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in the white house, we all wore the yellow bracelets. a big deal. there is a question whether or not livestrong was a cover to deal with the p.r. problems he was having with the doping allegations. >> kimberly: that would be the dictionary definition of "nefarious," wouldn't it? you'd like to think he was altruistic and somebody who wanted to help people get through cancer since he was a survivor himself. >> dana: i agree. >> kimberly: it has done a tremendous amount. does the greater good matter most in the end of what the organization has been able to accomplish? i don't know if it was a cove coverup. >> dana: eric, you feel strongly about this, but can it be separated? the good work he has done separated from some of the things that now he is going to admit to, where he basically helped people but he made some people's lives hell on earth while here. >> eric: oprah's prerelease
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of the interview tells me he may not admit to a lot. you have a big thing and symp waiting for it and she takes the legs out of it day before. two days before. rein airing tomorrow. >> eric: whatever. for her to say that tells me there is less than him coming clean on everything. not going to roll on the friends like everyone thought he'd do. going forward, this man is saving people. giving people hope. we talk about lives here. one side, a bad guy and he made a mistake. he did things wrong in the cycling world. probably cheated people out of money over there. this, what he is doing with cancer, supersedes all of that. that is sport and fun. this is life and death. 'canes do you think in today's world can you go on oprah -- i think oprah was a good choice. however, i don't think she likes him much, given the way her posture in interview, saying they were mesmerized and surprised and thought he was forthcoming. it didn't seem like it went to
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the place normally would normally do to apologize. >> andrea: because he wants softball questions. if he were serious at giving answers he'd hold a public press conference and take tough questions from the reporters instead of being on a couch with oprah, which i think he figures if i sit down with her i will get forgiv forgiveness. the reason he is doing this to lift the sports ban and compete in olympics. he has a sports ban and if he comes out and admits it and gets in the detail with the doping agency they could lift the ban. he is so selfish. the only reason is to reinvent himself again. this is a great cause. however, he would have never got attention he did had he not -- >> he became -- >> he became -- >> eric: celebrity from cycling, which made -- >> bob: you said sport. it's not sport.
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>> eric: psychoing is not a sport -- cycling is not a sport? >> bob: not if you jack yourself up to do it. there is money involved here. a lot of money. a lawsuit that they may or may not join. it will cost armendariz and his sponsors a lot of money. >> kimberly: $35 million. >> eric: barry bonds or mark mcgwire or any of the football players caught juicing i don't see them raising hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research. saving people's lives. >> andrea: but based on a lie. the livestrong based on a lie. he could have never donebe what he did. now we know he did it fraudulently. this is a bigger theme. last week, not one player inducted in the hall of fame. lance armstrong cheating. cheating in sports. cheating on wall street. cheating everywhere in this country. what is it telling the children? you get reward and go on oprah. that's nice.
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>> bob: who is scare scared is s backer in silicon facto valley. >> kimberly: wasn't going to do a hard-hitting interview. >> bob: you're right. he couldn't naned front of a press conference because he couldn't take the heat. >> kimberly: he could also go to jail depending how much he admitted. he is on the hook right now. >> andrea: go under oath and stand in front of the anti-doping agency. >> dana: the other thing is we talk about america forgiving him. but he has to ask for giveness from a higher power to deal with this. >> bob: you opened this saying is this the largest scandal in sports? i argue the 1919, chicago white sox scandal was bigger than that. shoeless joe jackson who was caught up in that should be in the hall of fame. >> dana: my specialty is sports scandals and he will hold that for another day. i'd love to lead a segment on
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that. sorry we didn't get to it. we had a lot of opinions. when we come back we tell you about a surprising moment inside the supreme court involving clarence thomas. later, an american christian in jail in iran. reportedly he is being tortured. next week he goes before the judge. is anything possible to save him? that's coming up. ♪ ♪ find their own adventure, ♪
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11:29 pm
at him for years. it's fashionable to imply he is not really up for the job. >> i don't think that he was a strong enough jurist or legal thinking for the time. >> clarence thomas is demonic. >> clarence thomas, the man is a rock. in that he could be replaced by a rock and i'm not sure anyone would notice. >> attacks go back to when he was nominated. remember when he said in the confirmation hearing. >> as far as i'm concerned it's a high-tech lunching for uppity blacks who in any way gain to think for themselves. to do for themselves. to have different ideas. it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. >> powerful words of some of the last words that anyone
11:30 pm
heard him speak publicly. i want to get reaction for everybody around the table. we mentioned before on the program, that he is man of few words. it's not fair game to suggest that he is not up for the job. especially for fact that he is a very bright man. he has done a great job on the court. served us well. what do you think? >> eric: i think the reason why we are talking aboutbe clarence thomas now, first, he spoke for the first time and had a comment for the first time in seven years but not because of that. we're talking about because of what colin powell said on sunday and the sunday talk shows that the republican party has a dark vein of intolerance. if you look at thomas and allen west and maya love -- mia love. a ted cruz. the republican party doesn't have dark vein of intolerance. the democrat party does for any minority who happens to be a conservative or republican.
11:31 pm
>> dana: they have a talking point. liberals said he doesn't speak from the bench because he is not that smart. that has been the chattering class. because he is not captured by the cocktail circuit in washington, d.c., if you actually look at the reporting on his opinions year after year they show amazing ideological consistency and use the silence to rit cude him. he made a choice -- ril cude him. he made a choice. they could ridicule me if i don't say anything but manual what they say if i did speak up. it would be worse. 'em he can't win. the double standard for the man. bob, you made the unusual faces during that. >> the first time he spoke in seven years he made fun of his alma mater that he didn't like. upper class school. >> andrea: they made fun of him. he didn't feel like he didn't belong.
11:32 pm
that's different. >> bob:be so 40 years the supreme court justice spoken from the bench. 40 years. he has not for seven years. you would think sometime in oral arguments he might have a question. at least once. >> andrea: he says he thinks show respect to colleagues to listen. >> bob: the colleagues listen and then they ask question. why doesn't he talk? >> kimberly: why are you questioning his process -- >> andrea: he said he doesn't speak in the oral arguments because reading the briefs are enough. it gets loud there in the supreme court. so he lets everybody else speak. he said in law school he was intimidated about asking questions because he was made fun of as a child for the way he speaks. now we see librag footage of the liberals and make fun of him. to hear barack obama say he wasn't strong enough legal thinker of the time for the elevation. after reading all of your
11:33 pm
legal thesis and all the cases that you tried, wait, oh, wait, we never got to read your -- >> eric: you are a child. >> andrea: we never got to read any of your college papers? oh, wait, you didn't try cases, did you? what would you know about being a lawyer? >> eric: suggest it may be unusual for somebody not to speak for seven years. that raises a question. some of the stuff was should haven't been done. the rock one. the guy left himself open to this stuff. >> dana: if the worst said about you is you listen well and have a sense of humor, you are probably doing a lot right in your life. >> andrea: he served the country well. >> kimberly: he put up with ridicule. >> eric: maybe -- >> kimberly: he is a winner, what can i say? >> eric: questions. >> bob: excuse me. was that a shot?
11:34 pm
>> dana: no. shut up, bob. >> bob: let's get out of here. >> kimberly: bob, yeah? bob likes to read tweets beforehand. >> bob: the world's largest beverage -- >> kimberly: no. coming up, the world's largest beverage company comes out with a new ad warning about the dangers of obesity. is coca-cola appealing the nanny state crowd like michael bloomberg or looking out for the customers? stay with us to find out next. ♪ ♪ w backbe to fork and my
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colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." coca-cola launched new antiobesity campaign that urges those to pay attention to calories including those in the beverages. take a look. >> we would like to come together on something that concerns all of us, obesity. the nation's leading beverage company we can play an important role. beating obesity will take action by all of us. based on a common sense fact. all calories count. no matter they come from. including coca-cola and everything else with calories. if you eat and drink more calories than you burn off, you will gain weight. >> andrea: the question is has coca-cola been bullied by the antiobesity groups and politicians like michael bloomberg to get on the bandwagon? you couldn't hear this while relaying the ad but there was a collective groan around the table. this is a response to bullying by the nanny state.
11:41 pm
>> dana: of course. this drives me insane. i want them to think of new products to sell to me and pay investors and don't deal with the politics. coke and a smile. most recognized brand. because of pressure for obesity they have to do an ad. they could pay in the pension fund or for more workers. this is -- this drives me up a wall. this is a way to get more money. redistribute the wealth. >> andrea: this is a new thing that the corporations are doing. corporate responsibility. trying to put forthfy lon throppic side and look like they -- philanthropic side and look like they care and put out the ads. are they just scared of the
11:42 pm
government coming after them? or trying to do the right thing? >> i guess if you line up lawyers with legislators on the same page, they smell blood. this is a big pool of money they want to go after. bob, you mentioned maybe there is a lawsuit coming along the line of what is the tobacco industry was. >> bob: coca-cola didn't do that when they were getting me fat. this is a cover me moment. >> kimberly: no, they didn't. what about the coca-colabe in green room? >> bob:be they should be sued, too. they're all scared about the obesity. a big deal. they are worried about getting sued. they will, a lot of them. this is nothing more, this is not coca-cola feels bad about the obese people. this is covering their butt. >> dana: there are not obese
11:43 pm
people in the ad. >> eric: they have to worry about -- >> bob: every ethnic group in america. >> dana: no fat people. >> eric: why worry about covering their butt? take personal responsibility to not drink coat when you are fat why is it their problem? >> that is the problem. >> bob:be just yell at me some more. >> andrea: on "the five," last week, we did a segment on how inmates were suing liquor companies for making them drink. that is why they committed crimes. mr. beckel, if we could have a flashback said this is ridiculous. they should be responsible. >> eric: don't get me wrong. >> bob: this is ridiculous to sue them. it's coming. >> dana: do you think they should have done the ad? does it help them? >> bob:be trying to protect against lawsuit. >> kimberly: can i call on myself? >> andrea: this is likebe smoking. >> kimberly: there should be personal responsibility. choose what you do to your body. are we going to sue everybody? people who don't eat too much red meat or don't eat enough
11:44 pm
vegetable? or this or that or pesticide? it this is out of hand. >> dana: i'm going to sue a gore because he invented the internet and it's waste toog much of my time. >> andrea: a corporation to mention. we are all in agreement here. we have don't have to debate it. wal-mart will hire 100,000 veterans. any veteran wants a job wal-mart says they will hire. a program to kickoff on memorial day. hats off. coming up, american pastor tortured and imprisoned in iran set to go the trial there in front of the "hanging judge." what is the u.s. government doing to help him? we will tell you straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob:be we have an update about a disturbing story from iran we have been following. pastor is sitting in jail because of his christian faith. the trial starts next week and
11:49 pm
the judge is notorious for handing down harsh sentences. he could be sense tensed to death -- sentenced to death. iranian says the work undermines the national security and he has been if custody since september. the criminal charge he faces dates back to the year 2000 when he converted from islam to christianity. i might ad in iran that is a death sentence in and of itself if you convert. what does this say to you? >> eric: this is a tough one. i'm a christian. you should be able to practice your faith no matter what. but you are in iran and mullahs are crazy people. he became american 2010, a couple years ago. if you are a christian and american get the heck out of iran. >> dana: well, i agree. i said that before because that is what christians do, they go and try to help -- when the iranian government says he is trying to, it undermines the national security to get a group of
11:50 pm
people together for a prayer circle basically. unless they take up arms against the got i don't see how it's security situation. but that's my mind set as an american, land of the free. iranian point of view, their mind set is different. you have to take it in account especially if you are a dad. >> kimberly: this is sad. i fent like we appan donned him. the administration has to be pressured to gain release of the american held illegally. in a mexican prison. man trying to do good, spread the word of god. he deserves our protection and assistance. but we are worried about angering the iranians to do the right thing here. >> andrea: what leverage do we have, though? try to get them to stop building a bomb -- >> kimberly: i get it, it's bad, though. >> andrea: trying to get him to be freed. i wish there was the same level of frustration and anger about this that there was with the hikers. you barely hear about this. in the media.
11:51 pm
as you pointed out, i said and we talked about here, the fact he converted from islam to christianity makes him not an infidel. which is the worst you can do. >> kimberly: apparently they're torturing him. >> bob: they are. and it may not be in his best interest for the united states to come out and challenge the iranians. my guess is he will get a life sentence. probably won't be hung. but it's outrageous. this is another example of muslims persecuting christians. it happened in egypt and nigeria and all over that area. you the stop it. if we went on a rampage in this country and throw them in jail, now you understand -- >> kimberly: we can't say a word about them. >> eric: okay, but let's talk about the facts here. he was iranian, muslim. he knew the laws and he knew what he was risking when he decided to convert from islam
11:52 pm
to christianity, right? knew he could be hung for that. >> eric: a-- >> bob: but they allowed him in and out the country several times. >> what is the four become america? to get protection of america? this is a tough call. >> bob: he is carrying the message. >> eric: he has kids. oil's okay if you risk your own life -- >> andrea: but for so many it's not about the self. it's spreading the word of god. in my home church they go out to dangerous areas. he knew the risk involved. he is on a mission. it wish there was a public outcry at home. it wish the media was more focused on this.
11:53 pm
>> eric: this is what the prophet wants, to pull people out and murder them. if that's what the prophet muhammad was all about, if that is what he is about? well, we don't want that religion. >> andrea: they claim it's peaceful. >> bob: very peaceful. >> kimberly: they should have respect for the other face. if they want us to respect them, respect the christian faith as well. >> dana: at the state department men you issue a travel warning to tell americans not to go, do you forfeit as american citizen your protection when you, if you disregard that? >> bob: no. you wouldn't. but we don't have diplomatic relations with him. big trouble. >> kimberly: big problem. pray for him and his family. >> bob: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: okay. time for one more thing. kimbo slice starting it off. >> kimberly: yes, undefeated. so this is a cute story. win a date with bill clinton. you can bid on it for a wonderful charity. you think might win, bisele or somebody. >> bob: pull your application.
11:58 pm
>> kimberly: how is he ruining my one more thing? you have to pay $100,00,000. only rich celebrities with useless hybrid and elec rig cars afford that. so bill is like who do i get? dicapriobe is the big winner, baby. oh, my gosh. how bummed is bill clinton? my shot, for charity. >> andrea: leo always has women around him so maybe he will bring friends. >> bob: terrible stain on the story. >> dana: producer cara found the video and i know you love soccer so much i thought i would mix what you love and i love right there on the soccer field. this is in turkey. galatasare. dogs end up running on the field. they are so excited. >> bob: more exciting than the game. >> dana: the players have no idea what is going on. the dogs start jumping all around. security guards don't know what to do.
11:59 pm
hooligans that you could like. great dogs. they had to whisk them off. >> eric: don't hurt them. >> bob: goal! >> eric: andrea tantaros on deck. >> andrea: if you need a story to warm your heart, this one hopefully will. kara markham, she is a high school student with down syndrome. she was just nominated to be and won homecoming queen. she beat out three other candidates and voted on by the student body. kara won. she got a really cute basketball player to escort her to the homecoming dance. caleb mckinney. caleb said she makes everybody's day better. this is giving backbe to her because she deserves it. what a nice story. congratulations, kara. you look beautiful. >> eric: all right, eric smeric is up next. fishermen, don't hold your hand over the side with food. watch what could happen. check it out. >> oh,
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